Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Please Introduce Your New Maps, Paths, and Vistas!

It has been proven thousands of times: one person can, indeed, make a difference: one single person can change the world!

In this conference we will highlight some of the changes that have happened because someone had a new idea, saw things slightly differently, or acted in a way that was somewhat unusual.

Topics from a variety of disciplines are welcome, including (but not limited) to:
* World Literature,
* Film,
* Visual Arts,
* Music,
* Dance,
* Movement Arts,
* Martial Arts,
* Yoga,
* Spirituality,
* World Religion,
* Philosophy,
* Alternative Medicine,
* Mainstream Medicine,
* Biology,
* Chemistry,
* Math,
* Physics,
* Environmental Studies,
* Political Science,
* Anthropology,
* Sociology,
* History,
* etc.

If you would like to present at the conference, please submit your name, the title of your talk, and a brief abstract by February 27th to this blog! Oral presentations should be short (5 minutes max) but can be accompanied by more in-depth submissions to this blog either before or after the conference.

Thank you,